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A Canadian Business Body Urges Government to Address Labor Shortages

16 Aug 2019

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Canada Immigration has to look into such programs which address the need for talent and attract them because at present there are 429,000 unfilled job vacancies in the country. The job vacancy rate in the private sector of Canada is at a record high, and a business group - CFIB - has called for taking measures in tackling the labor shortage.

The National average job vacancy rate was 3.2 percent for four quarters consecutively. Although the vacancy measures reached an upper limit, some job markets are under-performing. In case of correction they can increase the national average.

The factors influencing the Vacancy rates are future outlook, business size, growth intention, and characteristics specific to a firm. Additionally there is a strong pressure for increasing the wages in such firms that have vacant positions. The labor shortages should not be an obstruction for business success. In the last quarter employers having one vacancy plan to raise the average organization wage levels by 2.3 percent, whereas businesses not having a job openings had a plan for increase of 1.5 percent.

Canada Immigration - Provincial Figures of Vacancies

At 3.9 percent the job vacancy rate in Private sector was highest in British Columbia as well as Quebec. As a result Quebec had 116,000, and B.C had 74,700 unfilled jobs. Ontario and New Brunswick had figures close to the national average; and Ontario had 3.2 percent. New Brunswick had the figure of 3.1 percent. The vacancy rate in Manitoba was 2.6 percent representing 11,500 unfilled jobs.

The figure in PEI is 2.2 percent and for Newfoundland and Labrador it is 2.0 per cent. Nova Scotia had a vacancy rate of 2.3 percent.

Saskatchewan with 2.1 percent represents 7,400 unfilled jobs and Alberta was at 1.9 percent.


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Variations by Industry

In the personal services industry the vacancy rate was at 4.9 percent followed by Construction (4.8 per cent) Hospitality at 3.7 percent, agriculture, professional services, enterprise management, and health services had a rate of 3.4 percent. For the Information Sector it was just 2.1 percent.

Impressive Canadian Immigration Programs

There are many programs for connecting employers with top skilled workers aiming for Immigration to Canada.

Express Entry

IRCC introduced the Express Entry system for selecting economic candidates to seek permanent residency by using these programs:

British Columbia

BC PNP Tech Pilot caters to the requirements of overseas tech talent intending to live and work in the province. Such Candidates who possess the job offer in an eligible occupation enter into the weekly draw for receiving the ITA. This pilot began in 2017 and owing to the great demand was extended to June 2020.

Atlantic Canada Immigration

There is an Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program which allows all the employers of the four Atlantic Provinces to seek the services of global talent in a short time. The Participating provinces are Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI.

Competent employers can omit the obtaining of a Labor Market Impact Assessment that is required for other work permit applications.

A LMIA shows that there is a requirement for an overseas worker for filling the job, and proves that no qualified countryman was passed up to show the favor to the overseas worker. Additionally it asks for the salary and benefits meeting the standards set out in federal and provincial acts.

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

This Pilot specifically addresses the requirements of rural communities located outside the Atlantic Provinces and Quebec. Communities having a lesser population, and situated 75 km away, from a metropolitan area, work with IRCC, to create an immigration program, supporting their needs. Manitoba has a community based system to develop the Morden Community Initiative with a link to the system of Express Entry. Also the candidates must pursue these occupations:

  • Carpenters

  • Welders

  • Plumbers/pipefitters

  • Cooks

Quebec runs its own immigration system outside the purview of an Express Entry offering these avenues. The Candidates with an interest in immigration can apply for a CSQ through:

  • Quebec Experience Class,

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program

  • Quebec Investor Program

  • Quebec Self-Employed Person Program

  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program

The Ministry of Immigration in Quebec issues the Selection Certificate and declares the holder to be eligible for settling in the province.

All the Potential applicants have to meet the criteria of eligibility of the programs to get the QSC.

We bring all the details of such programs and you can contact us for any details.

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