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Canada Immigration focuses on nurses in New Brunswick to meet labor shortage

31 Jul 2019

Canada Immigration focuses on nurses in New Brunswick to meet labor shortage

Canada Immigration has a new Strategy which calls for recruiting nurses active from countries that have similar specialized standards.

Canada Immigration requires International trained nurses for addressing an alarming shortage in the system of health-care in New Brunswick, as per the government report. 

Jobs in Canada

By recruiting international educated nurses the province can meet the increasing demand for health services. Canada Immigration has four action items in the Nursing Resource Strategy of the province.

 Jobs in Canada will be needed for long-term caring to the residents of New Brunswick.

The Jobs in New Brunswick 

As per the document the province has an ageing population that is growing faster than other areas in Canada, leading to the critical situation demographically.

In New Brunswick there is a large share of old population that is ageing with a great rate, in comparison to other areas. New Brunswick also has the high percentage of population that is above 65 years in comparison to other parts of Canada. This anomaly needs a correction, by adding more Jobs in Canada, in the health sector.

41 percent nurses in the province are of 50 years in age or above it. 

Provincial Job Market

The decrease in enrolment, in the nursing programs (bachelor) in the province and an attrition rate as much as 30 percent, for students pursuing nursing, leads to a projection by the provincial health ministry. It says that there will be a requirement of 130 Nurses (Registered) every year for the next decade. This corresponds to deficit of 1,300 Registered Nurses by 2028 in the health-care system of New Brunswick.

In this period, as per an estimate 4,376 Registered Nurses jobs will be opened. There is a need of Jobs in New Brunswick because there is a decrease in the availability of nurses and increase in their demand.

Jobs in Canada, for nurses educated internationally 

Four major remedies identified are active recruitment of Nurses from countries that have nursing education programs similar to the professional standards, and competencies, pursued by New Brunswick. This will boost the chances of immigrant nurses meeting the provincial requirements. Moreover, the government must examine and identify likely barriers, improvement areas and better efficiency for the Nurses besides improving the application process.

The strategy made a recommendation of establishing a program to help Nurses in finding work in healthcare sector, at the time their registration applications are in progress in joining the workforce.

Jobs in Canada - strategy 

The government must adopt a strategy and offer permanent employment (full-time as well as part-time) to provincial graduates and also the recruitment of Nurses from other provinces/countries. It must also consider signing bonus as an exchange for serving in rural areas on a three-year commitment.

Nurses are significant for an efficient, top quality patient-centric health system. There will be a shortage of nurses and the Government must take action for nurses to serve in various areas.

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