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Canada Immigration - Indian Technological Talent Finds Better Opportunities In Canada

20 Aug 2019

Canada immigration
As per a recent report Toronto has created more technology sector jobs in comparison to the jobs in Silicon Valley, New York, Seattle, and Washington DC collectively. Indian talent is looking for better opportunities in Canada after the US H-1B visa and Green Card regulations became tough.

Canadian Immigration is Progressing

The reason is that the Canadian government launched the Global Skill Strategy in 2017. The aim of this program is attracting top skilled workers from the world. Many Indian techies find it very attractive and have benefitted from it. An IRCC report for 31st December 2018, states that India obtained 9,500 work permits under GSS, and China was second at 1,420. There was a preference for Software Engineers, Computer Analysts and Consultants, and also Data Processors.

Owing to the policies of US administration Indian techies had to return to the country owing to visa restrictions. Canada has expanded existing immigration programs to attract additional immigrants. There is a revised focus on Federal Skilled Workers, Canada Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Programs.

Canada Immigration Favors Indians

As per a Canadian Immigration report the number of invitations issued to India in 2018 increased by 46 percent to stand at 41,675. The preferred areas of employment were information technology, as well as business and financial services. Experts also state that Canada would be ideal for tech firms in the future.

Canada is home to many startups and also has many firms related to Artificial Intelligence. It needs to attract more investment. Canada will be a growth center in the next phase and Indian IT firms need to focus on it.

The Global Scenario

US visa and Green Cards are becoming tougher and the exit of UK from the EU is not making it an attractive destination. Here Canada proves best. Additionally, the Canadian passport, gives access to several countries. People can look for better opportunities through it in many countries. There is an interest in Canada.

Many techies arriving in Canada hope to get the permanent residency. Indian students studying in Canadian universities also have a chance to succeed in Canada.


An employee can get an average salary of $75,000 in Toronto. The government has the task of creating more jobs, and to maintain the interest that is generated in a big way.

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