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Canada Immigration Moving Ahead Towards Gender Equality – Report 2018

17 Aug 2019

Canada Immigration, Express Entry Draw
Based on an Express Entry year-end report, women having a CRS score, of more than 400, have made an impressive increase, of 56 percent, after 2017. Moreover, there are more women principal applicants in the in the immigration process of Canadian Express Entry. Also the immigrants intending to reach Canada get a CRS score for the federal government to assess their credentials and rank their profiles in the pool of Express Entry.

Impressive Performance in Canada Immigration

Though there are more profiles of male candidates in the Express Entry Pool, many women obtain a score of above 350. The share of women having the CRS scores of more than 400 increased by 56 percent after 2017. After January 3, 2019, 75 percent among the 39,273 applicants (female) had a CRS range of 350 to 449, in comparison to 71 percent among the 55,690 applicants (male).

In 2018, 70 percent women belonging to the Express Entry Pool obtained a CRS score of 400, in comparison to 67 percent among the male applicants. In 2017, the share of women in the Express Entry Pool was 62 per cent to get CRS of 400.

Women Have a Rising Share

Women submitting profiles to the Express Entry Pool in 2018 claimed more extra points in French proficiency in comparison to men. A major indicator of increase in representation of females is the growth in numbers for ITAs to seek the Canadian PR issued. Here also the performance of women is impressive. They received 42 percent or 37,322 invitations, from the 89,800 ITAs, issued last year.

The admission of Express Entry candidates as per the report shows more women being principal applicants in the Express Entry. Also women from five listed countries of citizenship had a great proportion among the principal applicants.

Canada Immigration and Top Performing Nations for Women

The gender difference was noteworthy in Jamaica applicants at 67 percent women and The Philippines at 61 percent women among the principal applicants.

Chinese Women were at 55 percent, Russians at 53 percent and Koreans at 51 percent.

For obtaining the consideration in Canadian Immigration by using the Express Entry, the candidates need to fulfill the eligibility criteria of one of these categories:

Eligible candidates get the CRS score depending on education, age, work experience and language proficiency and some others parameters also.

Specific number of candidates, with top scores, receives the ITA in regular pool draws.

280,000 Express Entry profiles were submitted in 2018, and the share of women was 109,000 in it.

The advancement by women figuring in the Express Entry Pool mirrors a recent increase of one percent every year, based on the recent data of IRCC. Presently it stands at 47 percent.

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