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Canada Immigration - New Programs For Settling And Integrating Newcomers

08 Aug 2019

Canada Immigration New program, Canada Immigration
Canada Immigration has a plan for extending support to newcomers by settling and integrating through several projects in the country. It will be a boon to Skilled Canadian Workers and the local communities also.

Canada Immigration and Commitment from IRCC

Moreover, there is a commitment from IRCC to run 824 projects that it has selected to deliver top quality services to benefit newcomers arriving in the country for the next 5 years.

There is a project in Boys and Girls Club of Moncton and this organization will provide service and work especially for the youth in the age bracket of 13 -18 years in Moncton. The aim is to bring newcomers and local youths together and also form a trusting relationship by conducting several activities, programs for mentors, career development, leadership development, community engagement, political and civic drives, advocacy and volunteerism, and finally the shared entrepreneurial goals. This will help in a healthy development and also boost Canada Immigration in future.

Canada Jobs and Personality Development

The project has many goals like promoting intercultural understanding, fostering lasting links, and helping youth, not considering where they were born and developing the necessary skills to attain success. There will be partners and mentors involved in the project. IRCC, through this Settlement Program, will give information to the eligible newcomers regarding life in Canada and about the communities in which they propose to settle. There will be a focus on language training, finding jobs, and making connections with well-known immigrants and Canadian citizens.

The Wide Scope of Canada Immigration

There is a Program for Resettlement Assistance that provides support and services for addressing the urgent and essential needs of refugees assisted by the government for resettlement in Canada.

The selected Projects include:

  • Language training and language instruction based in workplaces to help newcomers to gain applicable skills

  • Employment services to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and engagement with employers in private sector

  • Supporting newcomers speaking French to establish strong ties with Francophone communities residing outside Quebec

  • Integrating the section of population, like women, youth, seniors and LGBTQ2

  • Programs to addresses the need for newcomers in the well-being and mental health support

  • Projects of social inclusion and local integration in central, rural and northern areas

Strengthening the Canada Immigration in Future

Canada is a known leader in settlement and integration firmly believing in investing towards helping newcomers to learn a language, finding jobs and thereby building a successful life. There is always a place for innovative programming to exploit the talents to integrate fully and make a contribution to the Canadian economy. Such initiatives will help young people to discover, and achieve their fullest potential and nurture their self-esteem. These also promote diversity and help in forming permanent relationships by conducting many activities.

On Feb 18, 2019, IRCC started to accept proposals from individuals and organizations for providing direct services to help the newcomers. On March 27, it started to accept proposals for indirect settlement services like research and capacity augmentation. After reviewing the proposals, 824 projects were selected for delivering the responsive and client-centered services for using the resources in an effective manner. The process of Funding for these projects will begin on April 1st, 2020, and run till March 31st, 2025.

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