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Canada Starts a New Pilot for Sponsoring Undeclared Family Members

10 Sep 2019

Canada starts a new pilot for sponsoring undeclared family members
The Government in Canada has declared the launch of a fresh pilot to deal with the Sponsoring of undeclared family members.

Canada immigration and impacting situations

The IRCC website has specified that, many new immigrants, arriving in Canada, for many reasons, and owing to lack of awareness and knowledge, regarding member’s location, in a conflict involving situation, fail to report and declare the names of their family members, in the Immigration Application.

The candidates need to inform and declare all the family members when they submit the application for becoming permanent residents in the country. The relatives include spouse, common-law partners and dependent children. The list requires them to notify the individuals who do not presently accompany them to Canada.

The reasons as mentioned above make some of the family members of applicants ineligible from sponsorship and to reach Canada for the entire life when their names are not mentioned or included in the application.

Canada immigration - A welfare measure

Consequently, for solving the situation and for addressing the unintentional consequence, the Immigration Minister has announced a new pilot to resettle refugees, or persons presented with refugee protection, or a person who got sponsorship as a partner spouse, or dependent child to become eligible for sponsoring the undeclared family members like the spouse, partners or dependent children. The new pilot will commence on Sep 9th, 2019, and for the duration of two years. The aim of this measure is promoting family reunification, and ensuring that previously unlisted dependents, in the Immigration Application of family members, do not feel penalized and disqualified, to enter Canada. It will allow many fresh immigrants to become sponsors of their undeclared members of the family.

There is a limitation

IRCC is limiting the sponsors’ eligibility to the persons who migrated to Canada in the form of resettled refugees, or were granted refugee protection or were sponsored as immediate family members.  Additionally this will support the integrity of the program and will not make this pilot vulnerable to misrepresentation and fraud.

Additionally, the candidates have to meet the qualification conditions and also declare their admissibility to Canada. 

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