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Canada Will Accept More Applications to Sponsor Parents and Grandparents

15 Sep 2018

Canada Will Accept More Applications to Sponsor Parents and Grandparents

On 20 August 2018 the Honourable Minister for I.R.C.C, Ahmed Hussen, declared that in 2019 the Canadian Government will allow up to 20,000 appeals for the parents and grandparents sponsorship, serve to reassemble more parents and grandparents among their families staying in Canada.

This resolution to raise the applications number that I.R.C.C will allow for processing is a consequence of constantly high need in the Program of Parents and Grandparents (P.G.P) and the truth is that the inventory of appeals has declined importantly over the current fewer years from an extreme of 167,000 individuals in 2011 to just below 26,000 individuals in June 2018.

Canadian Immigration Minister Positive Approach Towards PGP Program

Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen further declared that the Canadian government is moving further modifications to the appeal intake process that will streamline way to the program and enhance the customer experience. In 2019, as in earlier years, the Involvement to Sponsor form will be accessible online, at the commencement of the year, so available possible sponsors can let I.R.C.C know they wish to sponsor their grandparents and parents to migrate to Canada. However, preference for indiscriminately selecting the sponsors to appeal, possible sponsors will be requested to apply to sponsor their grandparents and parents depends on the order in which I.R.C.C gets their Curiosity to Sponsor forms. This procedure will remain till the 2019 limit of 20,000 entire applications is reached. More details of these changes to the system will be declared this fall.

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