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Canadian Immigration System is a Role Model for Several OECD Countries

14 Aug 2019

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Express Entry System has a careful design and is proving to be an elaborate selection system among the 36 member nations of the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation. It is a real role model for improved services in managing migration.

Canada Immigration is Ideal

The new report also says that Canada has a large, long standing, comprehensive and elaborate migration system for skilled labor in the OECD.

Canada has given a commendable performance in the attracting, selecting, integrating and retaining economic immigrants and also for promoting a family based approach that takes into consideration the requirements of family members apart from the principal applicants. Canada also builds a welcoming society, and regards immigration to be its national heritage. 

Improvement Based on Evaluation and Research

Moreover, the independent assessment of economic immigration system in Canada is the tenth among the reviews of OECD.

Canada just stands out for many reasons.

Canada has a constant policy for improvement that is based on evaluation and research.

The approach to the system of Express Entry is elaborate in managing the applicants’ pool for three principal immigration programs is solid. There are three categories in it:

  • Canadian Experience Class

  • Federal Skilled Trades Class

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class,

It also allows a refined selection of immigrants in comparison to other countries.

The Express Entry System had major reforms for addressing initial shortcomings like the over-emphasis on job offers in the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Express Entry is unique because it has a design based on comprehensive evaluation of factors considered essential for the success of an immigrant.

  • Additionally the system is reactive and welcoming to developments. It is also strongly based on evidence.
  • Its main strength has resulted in vast public support for immigration.
  • There is a perception that migration is well-managed and very beneficial to the country.

Provincial Nominee Programs give a Boost to Labor Market

Canada is successful to spread the benefits of immigration beyond main provinces, by using the mixture of provincial and territorial nominee programs.

They provide a balanced distribution of migrants in the country, and also complement the federal selection system in a big way. The immigrants selected by the provinces have a low skill level but give better labor market results and also pave the way for high retention.

There was an advocacy of increasing the regional selection by using the Express Entry System. All Canadian provinces and territories have one stream allowing the selection or nomination of the candidates belonging to the Express Entry. Also such candidates get 600 additional CRS points and get a guarantee of receiving the ITA for Permanent Residence in Canada.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

The OECD highlighted the success of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, which is focused on the needs of employers. It was introduced in 2017 and allows employers in four Atlantic Provinces in recruiting overseas workers for doing that the locals are unable to fill.

Other recommendations included:

  • Abolishing the Federal Skilled Trades Class

  • Moving to a single set of central minimum eligibility criteria depending on core factors of CRS .The OECD feels that this will simplify the system and ensure universal standards for language and education in all federal immigrant programs.

  • Awarding CRS points for work experience Canada based on the wage of the Canadian job held last instead of the length of work experience as well as occupational classification. 

  • Allowing Express Entry candidates wishing to work in a profession (licensed0 to enter on a short-term visa for starting the license process.

  • Creating a provincial pilot for temporary overseas workers to target specified regional shortages.

For Canada, Immigration is a central pillar of its economic success and the government plans to extend all support to immigration policies and programs to enhance the vitality of communities in Canada.

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