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Employment Openings Increase across Canada - Quebec Shows Impressive Growth

23 Jul 2018


Canada is unique and surprising. When the number of jobs in the developed international economies is worrying Canada has constantly registered a good performance in the job openings for skilled and keen workers.

Every province and territory in Canada has a handsome growth in the number of job openings.Presently Quebec and British Columbia have the highest number of job openings for the skilled professionals.

The Canadian Government, and the provincial governments, are taking several measures to fill the gap in hiring skilled workers, through a series of attractive visa plans. Additionally, they are making new changes, for improving their immigration systems also. This is the perfect time to get going, and submit the application for Canadian immigration.

A report based on the recent numbers, brought by Statistics Canada, shows that there were 462,000 job vacancies, across Canada in the first quarter of the present year. Quebec registered the largest yearly growth for the quarter. Employment openings here increased by 37% (25,000) over the opening quarter in the region compared to the preceding year.

Several job vacancies across provinces

These statistics tell of several job vacancies across many Canadian provinces, occupational groups and industrial fields, compared to the first three month of the previous year. There was an increase in Job vacancies, in eight provinces and three territories.Quebec and B.C. showed major growth.

As per the Statistics Canada, it was the seventh successive quarter, showing a yearly rise in the job openings in Quebec. The areas of maximum growth were in the manufacturing, food services, accommodation, and industrial segments. Furthermore the economic region of Montreal in Quebec registered impressive job openings of around 8,700 in the three months. Quebec’s unemployment rate was 5.5% for these three months, whereas it was 6.2% in the first quarter of 2017.

An estimate of the Liberal Government of Quebec, says that over 1 million openings need filling by 2024. Additionally, immigration can play an important role to fulfill this requirement.

Quebec has a plan to revamp its Immigration System and Address Worker shortage

For achieving this target, major improvements to the immigration system of the province will be revealed next month. A new Expression of Interest structure will be in place.

Other provinces also Register Increase in Employment Opening

The numbers in B.C. were similar to Quebec, and there were 24,000 additional employment vacancies in the first three months of 2018. It showed 36% increase over 2017.

The number of job openings in B.C. increased in 19 out of 20 industrial segments. The jobs were mostly available in Lower Mainland-Southwest economic area, of Vancouver. Sales and service professions, trades and equipment operators were a part of the big increase.

Employment openings in Ontario, increased by 5.7%, and the figures were 9,800, in the first three months of 2018. Many of them were in the transportation and warehousing field. Also, 2,400 of them were in the healthcare and social assistance segments.

Ottawa and Kitchener-Waterloo-Barrie of Ontario registered the highest increase in job openings. Alberta had 7,500 additional jobs in the first three months of 2018, an increase of 18.5%. Moreover, there was a big growth in the healthcare and social assistance segment.

Manitoba had 2,800 additional job openings, an increase of 26.4% mostly in the healthcare and social assistance sphere.

9 out of 10 Biggest Industrial Fields experience an increaseM

The employment vacancies, in the healthcare and social assistance segments, also increased by 11,000, and registered a yearly growth of 27.3%.here was progress in each of the four Health Care and Social Assistance sub-sectors.

In the Warehousing and Transportation also, there was sizable growth of 9,300 job vacancies. In the manufacturing segment 7,800 job vacancies increased. Additionally, the professional, scientific and technical services segment had more employment openings by 5,660.

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