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Facts regarding Canadas new bio metrics rules commencing on July 31:

25 Jul 2018


Starting July 31, the authorities have made fingerprints and a photo  mandatory for  people applying from Europe, the Middle East and Africa to seek the Canadian visitor visa, work/study permit/ permanent residence/ asylum .

These  bio metrics, and the fingerprints plus photo have the identification purpose. The requirement will be compulsory for Asia, Asia-Pacific and the Americas from Dec 31, 2018 for All travelers between the ages of 14 and 79 years. The collection of bio metrics will help in application processing and also simplify entry  for low-risk travelers. The process  takes hardly a few minutes and costs CAD $85 for a person  or CAD $170 for a family .

How it works

Bio metrics will be used for  the application and also for entry into Canada. Bio metrics allow visa officers to screen applicants for  criminal convictions . A traveler's bio metrics are also used for confirmation of  identity.  this verification will happen in Eight major Canadian airports and travelers can make an on-screen declaration.

Places for providing  bio metrics

Outside Canada

In this case people  can provide it at an  Government authorized Visa Application Centre (VAC) while applying in person. There are 137 VACs in 95 countries . The  government also has a plan to open more VACs  in 2019. there is facility for it in.

From July 31 to mid-September 2018:

The Embassy of Canada in Stockholm, Sweden, for  Sweden and neighboring countriesThe Embassy of Canada in Stockholm, Sweden, for  Sweden and neighboring countriesThe Embassy of Canada in Stockholm, Sweden, for  Sweden and neighboring countries

From July 31 to early November 2018:

The Canadian embassies in Athens, Greece; Berlin, Germany; and Vienna, Austria for Greece, Germany, Austria and neighboring countries.

From July 31 to early November 2018: 

The Immeuble Le Bonnel in Lyon, France for France and neighboring countries.

Inside Canada

Persons applying in Canada, can give bio metric information at specified Service Canada locations in 2019.

How long are bio-metrics valid?

All applicants for a visitor visa or work / study permit, need to give their bio metrics one time in every 10 years.

Privacy matters

  • As per IRCC  fingerprints will be encrypted and sent electronically to the Government's Canadian Immigration Biometrics Identification System. Personal information  will be deleted from the collection system after successful  transmission.
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will also check these against the fingerprint records of criminals, deportees, refugee claimants and temporary resident applicants.
  • Canada shares bio metric information with the USA , Australia, New Zealand and the UK .
  • The Government will finally keep fingerprints  records for 15 years . They will then be deleted .


IRCC says the following are exempt from having to provide biometrics:

  • Canadian citizens, citizenship applicants (including passport applicants), or existing permanent residents;

  • Visa-exempt nationals arriving to Canada as tourists  holding a valid Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA);

  • Children below 14 years;

  • Applicants over the age of 79 ;

  • Heads of state and heads of government;

  • Cabinet ministers and accredited diplomats of countries and the UNO arriving  on official business;

  • U.S. visa holders who transit through Canada;

  • Refugee claimants who have already provided bio metrics and  apply for a study /work permit;

  • Temporary resident applicants who  already provided bio-metrics for PR   application that is in progress.

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