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IEC 2019 Season Launched by Issuing ITAs for 3 Work Permit Categories

05 Dec 2018


The International Experience Canada (IEC) 2019 is now launched to most of the countries and new companies have been included to the list of acknowledged service providers facilitating overseas youth and Canadian youth with mobility chances. IEC welcomes other countries people between the ages of 18 and 35 years from 34 countries across the world to work in Canada via bilateral Youth Mobility Arrangement.

Through International Experience Canada, the qualified candidates may enter Canada through any one of the Work permit categories that include International Co-op Internship, Young Professionals, or Working Holiday. This program issues ITAs to Apply for one of these work permits through the Expression of Interest model, which starts with interested candidates completing an EE profile and entering the Expres Entry pool.

The category of a pool that applicants are entered is based on the country of citizenship and the three work permit types available for that particular country. For example, citizens of Australia may apply for International Experience Canada under either Young Professionals, International Co-op Internship, Working Holiday pool while a Japanese citizen can only apply to the International Experience Canada program via Working Holiday pool.

The Canadian Government also declared on Dec 4th that the IEC (International Experience Canada) program has additionally added 10 new companies to its list of ackbnowledged service providers and modified the way recognized firms offer aid to foreign and Canadian participants.

International Experience Canada (IEC) recognized Firms:

  • Offers support services to foreign and Canadian youth for travel experiences and IEC work, comprising the following: arranging transportation, helping with seeking employment, securing accommodations, and aiding with logistical support
  • Promote International Experience Canada to the youth of Canada
  • Support higher Canadian youth involvement abroad

IEC Work Permit categories

International Co-op Internship:

The International Co-op category provides an occupant-specific work permit for the participants. Eligible overseas citizens should be enrolled at a post-secondary college in their Nation and have an employment offer for an internship or work placement with a Canadian firm. Candidates should arrange co-op placements with the employers of Canadian before applying. Applicants should register for the period of the students internship and should prove that they required this internship or work placement to complete their post-secondary education.

Working Holiday:

Working Holiday category is an open work permit which is valid for 1-24 months (based on the citizenship of country). With an open work permit, candidates can have a chance opportunity to work anywhere in the country for most employers of Canada.

Young Professionals:

Young Professionals category is an employer-specific work permit that means candidates can get international valuable experience by working for a Canadian organization. A signed employment offer letter or contract of a job with a Canadian employer regarding an applicant’s career development is needed before applying. The employment offered must be categorized as Skill Type Level 0, Level A, or Level B under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) of Canada.

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