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Labor Market opinions categorize the preference of skills

21 Feb 2013

It is well known that Labor Market Opinions play a very important role in assessing the required skills to be made available for the development and progress of Canada. Any employer who would like ti hire foreign employees have to get a Labor Market Opinion before they pursue for work permits.

Every year Canada welcomes plenty of foreign workers to the country for the development of the country, whether skilled, highly-skilled or low-skilled. More and more workers are required and this requirement is regulated by immigration laws and is restricted as per the shortage or new skill requirement. Canada needs a very huge number of foreign laborers for the development of the country. At the same time they have to ensure that the Canadian local labor market is not affected and the Canadian citizens are deprived with the opportunities.

Labor Market Opinion can ensure that the work force from foreign countries will not cut into the local market. The government of Canada has made it mandatory for the employer to receive a positive note that the standards of the work force hired from outside the country will be maintained in high esteem. This will ensure that nobody is hired from outside the country whenever the required skill and work force is available in the country. An employer can hire workers from outside the country only if he can get a positive response from Labor Market Opinion.

Canada Skilled Worker Visa can be obtained if the skill is having a positive response from the Labor Market Opinion. Canada visa services are offered by experienced and experts in this business.

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