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New invitations going out for applying to sponsor parents/grandparents

01 Aug 2018

New invitations going out for applying to sponsor parents/grandparents


Starting from July 31, 2018, new invitations to apply to sponsor parents and grandparents to Canada are   on schedule for dispatch. The Canadian Government will commence issuing additional invitations for potential sponsors of parents and grandparents who submitted an Interest to Sponsor form. All the persons who submitted the Interest-to-Sponsor form in January need to check their email this week.

These invitations are next to the first round of invitations which were issued in March. IRCC has an estimate that it will receive 10,000 complete applications in the PGP in 2018.

Interested sponsors who received the invitations first had the deadline of May 25 for submitting their sponsor applications.  Such Invitations which did not get the application by this date will be forfeited. Additionally as a result there will be a present opportunity for new sponsors to receive it and reapply.

Other information

IRCC also mentions regarding using the same random list in this week to invite potential sponsors like in the past.

Potential sponsors receiving the invitation in this week will get 60 days to submit a complete application for sponsoring their parents and grandparents.  The potential sponsors will receive Invitations in the next few days. It urged applicants who submitted an Interest form between Jan 2 and Feb 1, 2018, but who had not received the invitation to check the email/junk mail carefully in this period.

IRCC has issued the guideline that the sponsors can confirm regarding their selection by using their unique confirmation number and also comparing it with the list of numbers.

In case the number matches, it indicates the invitation for submitting the application for sponsorship.

Candidates can also check regarding Selection online but IRCC can take up roughly 10 business days.

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