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Places where Business Analysts have top Earnings in Canada

28 Jul 2018

Places where Business Analysts have top Earnings in Canada

Canada offers the highest salaries for business analysts in its large cities. These are actually the places where major companies and start-ups have a hope to make a mark in the future. A business analyst has the assignment, to ensure that a company is always operating at its peak efficiency. Also talented professionals in this position will focus on areas that need a strict policy, and also where there is a need for investment for operational growth.

Calgary has the highest pay, and presently the figures show a salary of $115,900 for a senior business analyst .Other cities finding a mention among the  top five are ;

  • Toronto ($114,400),

  • Vancouver ($114,000),

  • Ottawa ($113,800)

  • Edmonton ($113,100)

Out of the 12 cities in the salary survey, for the Business Analysts, just one had the top salary lower than $100,000.  Furthermore in Regina, the most experienced candidates can aspire to make $95,000. Additionally, in the same five cities there are best salaries for entry-level business analysts also. Calgary was again at the top having a starting salary of $67,800.

Top Technology Occupations of Canada

  • Computer Engineer

  • Computer Programmer

  • Software Engineer

  • Software Developer

  • IT Project Manager

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