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Quebec City Mayor Requests for Allowing More Immigrants

03 Sep 2018

Quebec City Mayor Requests for Allowing More Immigrants

The Quebec City mayor is asking for an increase in immigration rate there to address what he states is a ‘dangerous’ labor shortage.

Immigration exceeded Mayor Régis Labeaume’s recently released annual priorities list, citing the urgent required to fill 17,000 job vacancies in the region of Quebec City.

This dramatic lack of workforce is the common dangerous problem and can jeopardize our future of economic, Labeaume stated. It is no extended the observations time for studies or proper intentions.

The mayor stated the region of Quebec City is only getting six percent of newcomers migrating to the province each year, and that number must be minimum 10 percent.

It would translate to approximately 5,300 newcomers per year or growth approximately 2,000 over contemporary levels.

Issue of Election

He told Quebec’s subsequent government also wants to improve the immigration system of province’s to overcome application processing times and usually make the process of immigration simpler, prominently the recognition of international professional experience and degrees.

Lebeaume additional emphasized the demand for immigrants who are French-speaking, noting that maximum people living in the Quebec City region talk French as their first language.

It’s a French-speaking city, and there are two ways to achieve in immigration: to obtain a job and to speak the regional language, Labeaume said journalists. We have the positions; if they talk French, it’s going to be a complete success.

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