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Quebec immigration for skilled workers a new helping calculator

27 Jul 2018

Quebec immigration for skilled workers – a new helping calculator

Officially, there is no information regarding the way of ranking of candidates, in the new Expression of Interest system in Quebec Skilled Worker Program. It is likely to be effective from August 2nd. A variation of the current point’s grid of the program, will determine the eligibility for this Selection Certificate.

There is a  Point Calculator designed to help in the eligibility assessment. Candidates can enter the required information within minutes in the calculator.

Facts regarding the revised point’s grid

The points for many factors on the grid are the similar to the point’s grid of the current Quebec Skilled Worker Program, but there are also some major exceptions.

The Validated Employment Offer is presently worth to the maximum of 10, but can increase to a maximum 14 points.

The points vary, and are based on the particular region of the province where the job offer is located.

Moreover, the variables in the factor of Stay and Family in Quebec have a different weight, and carry maximum 8 points.

For a consideration in the Quebec Selection Certificate, candidates need to meet the necessary cut-off, and a passing score in the QSWP point’s grid.

The initial norm is that such candidates should meet the cut-off score for education - 2 points and also for financial self-sufficiency at one point.

Applicants fulfilling this requirement, then have to reach the cut-off score (43 points) in the factors of Employability. The Employability cut-off score for applicants, with a common-law partner or spouse is 52.

Employability factors are education, work experience, training, age, time spent in Quebec, language proficiency, and family in Quebec. Moreover, there must be an employment offer. Finally, these candidates have to fulfill the minimum threshold in factors of Selection, which have a passing score- 50 points. These factors also consider the accompanying children and also self-sufficiency in finance.

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