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Quebec Immigration Invites 950 Aspirants In Expression of Interest Draws

21 Aug 2019

Quebec Immigration

Quebec Immigration that is a vital part to get the Canada Visa gave the details of first two draws by using Arrima -the new Expression of Interest system. In the Draws to Migrate To Canada held on July 4th and July 17th , totally 950 invitations were issued for submitting full applications to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

These invitations of the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion were the first in the Expression of Interest after the launch of Arrima system in August 2018.

The two draws called for these specific requirements to Migrate to Canada. For the July 4th draw, there were 691 invitations in favor of candidates meeting these criteria. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program applications put up in the old system were terminated as per the Bill 9 of the Coalition Avenir Quebec.

  • Filing an Arrima EOI before December 17, 2019

  • Belonging to the following situations:

  • The submission of terminated application was in accordance with section 5.01 of the Regulation for selecting foreign nationals, or

  • Nature of stay in Quebec on the date June 16th, 2019 being on study/work permit

For the July 17th draw, there were 259 invitations in favor of candidates meeting these criteria:

  • Holding the validated job offer,

  • Staying in Quebec as diplomatic agents, consular officers, representatives or accredited officials of a country or a UNO official

Quebec EOI Draw Details for 2019

Date of invitations

Invites Issued

Date of extraction from Arrima bank



July 15, 2019 at 6:30



July 2, 2019 at 6:30

Way of Working of Quebec Expression of Interest

Candidates need submitting the online EOI profile to the MIDI.

These Profiles gain the entry into an EOI pool, where they get a rank and hold validity for 12-months.

Profiles are classified in two categories:

The first is for candidates living in Quebec or having the job offer and also meet specified criteria.

The second is for candidates not living inside Quebec and meeting the specified criteria.

The top rank candidates receive an ITA for the Quebec Certificate of Selection in the QSWP.

Quebec conducts draws, periodically and invites candidates to seek the CSQ. This is the first step for Work in Canada. Also these Candidates who receive the invitation get 60 days for submitting the full application.

Candidates that are approved to receive the nomination certificate can apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.

Requirements for Quebec Expression of Interest

Candidates get the rank based on the factors of age, education, language ability, work experience, and duration of stay in Quebec. Having the valid job offer is important.

The authorities consider qualifications spouse/partner of a candidate

As per the decision of Aug 1st, 2018, the first category candidates are those:

  • Having the valid job offer outside Montreal Metropolitan Community;

  • Having the valid job offer in Montreal Metropolitan Community;

  • Presently living in Quebec and:

  • Having a post graduate work permit, that is obtained subsequent to the graduation from a study program in Quebec; or

  • Having a valid work permit of 12 months and full-time work in Quebec for 6 months

The candidates get a rank for these criteria:

  • Age,

  • Education Level,

  • Diploma from Quebec,

  • French Proficiency

  • Proficiency of another language

  • Canada/US Work experience

  • Qualifications of Spouse/common-law partner: Education Level, and French proficiency

  • Transferability skills:

  • Education Level and French proficiency

  • Education Level and French proficiency

  • Canada/US Work experience

  • Overseas work experience and French proficiency

  • Overseas work experience and French proficiency plus Canada/US Work experience

 In The second category belong the candidates not residing in Quebec They get a rank similar to the first category (as stated above)

Points in Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Candidates gaining the selection to apply for CSQ in the QSWP have to pass the threshold and get 50 points for single candidates and 59 points for married candidates.

Factors in point-grid

Profile factor

Max points available



Areas of training


Work experience




Language proficiency


Time spent and family in Quebec


Spouse/common-law partner


Job offer


Accompanying children


Financial self-sufficiency


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