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Quebec Plans Better Integration of Immigrants Through French Classes

05 Aug 2019

Quebec Plans Better Integration of Immigrants, Canada Immigration

Quebec immigration revealed a plan of further investments of $ 70.3 million for the improvement to access to French classes running for fresh immigrants. The aim here is overall improvement in integration services for immigrants.

The Measure will boost Canada Immigration

The present move by the Coalition Government in Quebec will help in increasing the access of immigrants to French lessons. Additionally it will increase the participation allowances. A statement of immigration ministry shows that the measures announced today regarding the French language are a part of the modernization of the immigration system of the government. They immigrants will be encouraged more in learning French. This will make sure that they possess sufficient tools for supporting the success of francization process.

Special Funding for Canada Immigration $40 million of the new funding is allotted for expansion of access to participate in French lessons. It will also cover the allowances. There will be full time and part-time French lessons running to help immigrants who reside in Quebec for five years.

There will also be better access to lessons for helping the global students, temporary workers, and finally their spouse also. $12.8 million will be spent to increase allowances for students in full-time French courses, and $17 million for introducing allowances to favor the part-time courses. Candidates undertaking the full-time course will obtain $185 in a week, and candidates undertaking the part-time course will obtain $15 for a day.

French Language Improves Canada Immigration

An allotment of $500,000 will cover expenses of daycare for the people attending the part-time courses. The funding will be equal of hiring 80 new teachers and also provide a capacity to run 300 new classes.

Knowledge of French facilitates the successful integration and immigrants have an easy life.

The Coalition Government in Quebec has presently made moves to overhaul the economic immigration by introducing the new portal of EOI system, called the Arrima. MIDI has not published any details of the invitation rounds.

Earlier there was a controversy when the government cancelled 16,000 applications pending in the 10 year backlog in the old system.

The new system was introduced in September 2018 to receive Expressions of Interest.

Arrima is all set to issue the first invitations to candidates who applied in the previous system and had a residence in Quebec at the time, or are presently living in the province. The candidates must submit an online profile to the Arrima portal.

Quebec Expression of Interest Working Pattern

  1. Aspirants submit an online Expression of Interest profile to the province.

  2. Profiles are entered in a pool, in which they get a rank to compare with each other and have 12-months validity.

  3. Profiles get a classification firstly for candidates who reside in Quebec or get a job offer and secondly for candidates who live outside it and meet specified criteria.

  4. The candidates with top rank receive an Invitation to Apply for Quebec Selection Certificate in its Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

  5. Quebec conducts intermittent draws, and invites eligible candidates to seek Quebec Selection Certificate

  6. Candidates get 60 days for submitting the complete application.

  7. Candidates who receive an Approval of the nomination certificate can apply seeking the Canadian permanent residence.

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