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Some Tips for applying to get Canada PR

28 Aug 2019

Some Tips for applying to get Canada PR
We present a few tips to apply for Canadian PR from India. It is a visa category greatly sought after by the skilled professionals all over the world.  For obtaining the PR in Canada, aspirants need to apply in point based programs catering to Canada immigration like the QSWP, Express Entry system, or the Provincial Nominee Programs.

Necessary Documents for applying

  • Adequate funds supporting the application
  • Educational Credential Assessment documents
  • Copies, Originals, and official translations of all relevant documents that support the application
  • Educational degrees, and certificates, relevant documents for personal identification and sponsorship letters besides the relevant information
  • Skill assessment test
  • Results of Language Test like the IELTS,
  • Additional fees
  • Documents depending on the visa categories

Eligibility criteria to get PR in Canada

A score of 67 points depending on education, age, work experience, adaptability, language skills, and a job offer from Canada 

The work experience should feature in the National Occupational Classification of the country. After the confirmation of eligibility one can apply for visa card.

The process of applying has three simple steps:

For all categories of skilled workers, Express entry system in Canada is the ideal way to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

  • Step 1:

Checking of points followed by education assessment by WES an assessing body

  • Step 2:

Applying online by using the electronic portal of Express Entry, and obtaining the selection based on ranking

  • Step 3:

Receiving invitation to apply

After doing these simple steps and the confirmation of eligibility visa, you can submit the passport to a Canadian embassy (in India) for the next step of visa stamping.

Calculating Canada PR visa points

Scoring 67 from 100 points meets Canada residency requirements. If a spouse is also accompanying you, his/her points will be added in the PR application.

Break up of points for Canada PR:

  • Age has maximum 12 points
  • Education has maximum 25 points
  • Work Experience has maximum 15 points
  • Language Skills have maximum 28 points
  • Adaptability has maximum 10 points
  • Finally for the Arranged Employment there are 10 points

Canada permanent resident visa fees from India:

The PR Fee is 56,000 Indian rupees for applicant above 18 years and Education Assessment Credential fee is Rs 15,500 for each applicant.

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