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Top 10 Renowned Provincial Restaurants in Canada

28 Aug 2019

Top 10 renowned Provincial Restaurants in Canada
Apart from the Canadian landscapes, lakes and mountains Canada is also a delight for food lovers. It has top rated culinary establishments, and serves delicious delights like Nanaimo bars, poutine, Caesar cocktail bannock, Tire d’érable sur la neige, and beaver tails.

Interested persons can focus and decide on visiting a wide range of restaurants to visit. We present a list of top restaurants/bars in Canada.

  • Alo located in Toronto
  • Joe Beef of Montreal
  • Toqué in Montreal
  • Langdon Hall at Cambridge
  • St. Lawrence in Vancouver
  • Le Mousso in Montreal
  • Buca Osteria & Bar of Toronto
  • Montreal Plaza in Montreal
  • Giulietta at Toronto
  • Edulis of Toronto

British Columbia

Toronto shows excellence and features four restaurants in the list, and accumulates accolades in a big way. These have outstanding Chefs, and a graceful feel, the finest dining, and an air of sophistication.


Montreal is a fine culinary city having highly acclaimed restaurants featuring the rustic charm apart from the traditional French cuisine. It also, serves delicious delights sweetbreads, s pâté en croute, lobster pasta and moist chunks of rabbit. There is a blending and fusion of Asian and French techniques that tantalizes the taste buds.

3. Ontario

Cambridge in Ontario has a touch of elegance and finesse reflecting an amount of detail. The patrons can indulge in culinary delights and have a good time.

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Ways to Get There

Travelers to Canada need a Tourist Visa or Visitor's Visa. They can avail the single or multiple entry visas. The former visa allows them to enter the country for a single time for 6 months. The latter visa allows entries and exits for innumerable trips.

Please note: people in transit for a period more than 48 hours need a tourist visa. The following documentation is needed to apply for the Canadian Tourist visa:

Tourist Documents Checklists

Application for Temporary Resident Visa

Application for Temporary Resident Visa

Application for Temporary Resident Visa

Family Information Form

Photocopy of the Information Page of Passport

Two Photographs having the name and date of birth at the back

Proof of Financial Support

Photocopy of Marriage License or Certificate

Purpose of Travel Statement

Photocopy of Current Immigration Status (if your country of residence is different from your country of citizenship, you must provide proof of legal status)

Custody Documents or Letter of Authorization from Both Parents (for minor children travelling with a single parent)

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